If you are looking for a private experience and want to have the balloon all to yourself, you can book the whole balloon for your exclusive use only. An exclusive flight will be 10 minutes, giving you more time to make memories. You will also enjoy priority boarding and a complimentary drink in The Dubai Balloon Lounge after your flight. If you want to customise your special occassion even further, our dedicated Events team will assist you in making it even more memorable.

What’s included

Priority boarding for the flight

Enjoy priority for getting on the flight

Private flight

Enjoy the balloon flight in exclusivity. Capacity may vary based on weather conditions.

Complimentary drink

Complimentary coffee, tea or soft drink

Please check the weather forecast before visiting The Dubai Balloon

Welcome to The Dubai Balloon at Atlantis!

Please note that all balloon flights are weather dependent, and we can only fly in certain wind conditions. It might look sunny, but the winds could be strong at higher altitudes.

Please visit the “PLAN YOUR FLIGHT” page before visiting The Dubai Balloon to ensure the balloon will fly on your preferred date and time. We look forward to welcoming you!