Wondering what to wear, where to park or when is the best time to fly?
The only thing you should worry about is capturing the perfect picture once you are on the balloon, and we will assist you with the rest.

How To Access The Dubai Balloon At Atlantis?

Guests staying at Atlantis or spending the day at Aquaventure can reach the Dubai Balloon At Atlantis via the Avenues. External visitors who arrive by taxi can be dropped off at The Avenues and will be welcomed by a staff member who will direct you towards the ticketing office. If you are driving to The Dubai Balloon, please park at the Aquaventure Waterpark parking and a shuttle bus will transport you to the ticketing office. You can also access The Dubai Balloon At Atlantis via the monorail.

Where to park?

Weather Forecast

United Arab Emirates

Today Forecast
Wednesday July 17

Weather Updates

IMPORTANT: With this weather widget, you can select the date and time you'd like to visit up to three days later. The information displayed will change according to the current weather forecast for the date and time you have selected.

Green means we are GOOD TO FLY. We'll take you on an unforgettable experience over Dubai. Depending on the winds, the Pilot can use their discretion in deciding the flight height. Please note that in some occasions the wind could change at any time and a flight could still be grounded if the Pilots see the need to.

Orange means the flight is on STAND-BY. The sun might be shining, but winds higher up on the sky could be too strong to operate safely. The Pilots are closely monitoring to see when the balloon can fly again. Please note that this could take a few hours or even last for the whole day. We encourage you to keep checking the widget.

As The Dubai Balloon At Atlantis operates at heights of up to 300m, the weather plays an integral role in when the attraction can be open and how high it can fly. A dedicated team of Pilots will monitor the weather at all times as your safety and security are our top priority. This means that there may be times when we will not be able to operate the balloon due to the weather conditions.

We know that this is an activity that you are looking forward to, and to avoid disappointment, we suggest checking this weather widget on the day of your experience. Our expert Pilots update the weather widget in real-time to give the most accurate reading and indicate a good time for you to join for your aerial adventure. Often, winds are stronger at higher altitudes while none are perceived on the ground. As per the local authorities and regulations, the Balloon will be grounded when there are thunderstorms or winds above 25 knots, even if it's a sunny day.

What To Expect For My Experience?

 Flight Day  Flight Time
 Daily   Sunrise - 11 AM
  6 PM - Midnight

A flight is 10 minutes. However, there is a mandatory safety briefing before each flight. Depending on the loading, offloading and queue, the whole experience could take longer. Therefore we also offer a fast pass which allows you to skip the line and get priority for boarding. After the flight, you can relax in the lounge, enjoy refreshments, or browse the retail store.

What To Wear?

Dubai is lucky enough to have sunny weather year-round. However, some months are warmer than others. As The Dubai Balloon At Atlantis will operate throughout the year, ensure you are aware of the weather conditions during your visit.

October to April is considered winter, and the temperatures are pleasant, with the coldest months being November to January. Bring a jacket, as it might be cooler once the balloon reaches its maximum height, especially at night. Comfortable, casual clothing such as shorts, t-shirts and dresses are recommended.

From May to September, always wear cool, loose clothing during the summer. If you are visiting from Aquaventure Waterpark, you are allowed to embark on the flight in respectable swimming clothes permitted by the waterpark.

Big bags will not be permitted onboard; however, backpacks and purses will be allowed. We suggest to avoid wearing high heels.

Wheelchair And Stroller Accessibility

The Dubai Balloon At Atlantis is accessible for wheelchairs and baby strollers. Please speak to a Ground Crew member for assistance loading and unloading the balloon gondola. The wheelchair/stroller must have a braking/locking system to prevent unsecured movement in flight. This function will be checked and verified by the ground crew before boarding. If your wheelchair doesn't fit in the gondola, there is no need to worry as will have extra wheelchairs on-site which you are welcome to use for the duration of the flight.

Please check the weather forecast before visiting The Dubai Balloon

Welcome to The Dubai Balloon at Atlantis!

Please note that all balloon flights are weather dependent, and we can only fly in certain wind conditions. It might look sunny, but the winds could be strong at higher altitudes.

Please visit the “PLAN YOUR FLIGHT” page before visiting The Dubai Balloon to ensure the balloon will fly on your preferred date and time. We look forward to welcoming you!