Daily from Sunrise - 11 AM and 6 PM - 10 PM

Each ticket is valid for one flight only.

Children between 3-11 years old avail a discounted rate. Kids under 3 years can fly for free. Children need an accompanying adult, and proof of age will be required.

Yes, the Fast Pass ticket includes fast-tracking through the line and complimentary access to the beautiful lounge, including a complimentary coffee, tea or soft drink.

We offer the opportunity to book the balloon for exclusive/private. You can find out more by completing the enquiry form on the Exclusive Flight page. Please note that the maximum number of people per flight depends on weather conditions.

Yes, this will be a customised package curated for your requirements. You can book this directly at our facility or email us at [email protected].

Unfortunately, due to flight safety restrictions, pregnant women will be unable to fly on The Dubai Balloon. However, they can purchase a lounge access ticket on site and enjoy a beverage while waiting for friends and family to complete their flight.

The Dubai Balloon At Atlantis is accessible for wheelchairs and baby strollers. Please speak to a Ground Crew member for assistance loading and unloading the balloon gondola. The wheelchair/stroller must have a braking/locking system to prevent unsecured movement in flight and this function will be checked and verified by the Ground crew before boarding. Please note that we have wheelchairs and strollers complying with the above requirements available on site for our guests' use, if needed.

At the moment, there are no specific time slots available for pre-booking. Your ticket will be valid for the day selected during the booking stage.

Eating and drinking during the flight are prohibited.

The flight experience is 10 minutes; however, all guests must go through a short safety briefing before boarding their flight.

The balloon can go up to 300 meters depending on weather conditions. The pilot reserves the right to adjust operating flight height depending on adverse weather conditions.

Handbags and backpacks will be allowed onboard. However, big travel bags will not be permitted.

For safety reasons, guests with the following conditions should not use this attraction: if you are prone to motion sickness and/or vertigo, if you have any heart and/or other health conditions, if you are pregnant, if you are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. People with other conditions aggravated by flight and/or elevation change should refrain from boarding the balloon. Overall, you should be in good health to fly. All minors under 12 years of age must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or a responsible adult 18 years or older.

Before boarding the flight, you will attend a mandetory safety briefing and need to complete a boarding pass, including a waiver. A Ground Crew member will collect the Boarding Pass before boarding.

Guests who do not wish to participate in the flight experience, but want to watch their family, can purchase a lounge access ticket on site for AED 40 and enjoy a beverage while waiting. Please note that there are limited spaces available in the lounge.

No, this is a helium balloon tethered to the ground, which is different from a hot air balloon. The Dubai Balloon At Atlantis is filled with non-flammable helium and is tethered to the ground via a cable. The balloon will take off and land on the same platform.

The maximum capacity of each flight depends on the weather conditions at the time.

The balloon operation depends on weather conditions; the balloon will be grounded if there is a thunderstorm or winds above 25 knots at the ride height.

Your ticket can be rescheduled.

There is a retail outlet and coffee lounge. Guests will also have access to The Avenues at Atlantis.

The bathrooms are located at The Avenues at Atlantis, close to The Dubai Balloon At Atlantis.

We only offer coffee, tea and snacks. However, you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at The Avenues at Atlantis.

Smoking is strictly prohibited onboard and at our facility.

Please check the weather forecast before visiting The Dubai Balloon

Welcome to The Dubai Balloon at Atlantis!

Please note that all balloon flights are weather dependent, and we can only fly in certain wind conditions. It might look sunny, but the winds could be strong at higher altitudes.

Please visit the “PLAN YOUR FLIGHT” page before visiting The Dubai Balloon to ensure the balloon will fly on your preferred date and time. We look forward to welcoming you!