Fly up to


The height of a 100-storey building





Sunrise - 11 AM

6 PM - 10 PM


Located at

Atlantis Aquaventure

The world’s largest waterpark

Dubai Balloon Ride With Breathtaking Skyline Views

Feel on top of the world and experience wonder at adrenaline-rushing heights of up to a spectacular 300 meters, or a 100-storey building. Marvel at the stunning shape of Palm Jumeirah and take in incredible views of Dubai and its glistening skyline with an experience that offers more than just an observation point. The Dubai Balloon At Atlantis can be found at the world’s most iconic entertainment destination, Atlantis, the Palm and the record-breaking Aquaventure Waterpark. Make memories with friends and bring the whole family for a bucket list experience as kids under the age of three get to enjoy The Dubai Balloon for free. 


Weather Forecast

United Arab Emirates

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Wednesday July 17

Weather Forecast For The Dubai Balloon At Atlantis

With this weather widget, you can select the date and time you'd like to visit up to three days later. The information displayed will change according to the current weather forecast for the date and time you have selected.

Green means we are GOOD TO FLY. We'll take you on an unforgettable experience over Dubai. Depending on the winds, the Pilot can use their discretion in deciding the flight height. Please note that in some occasions the wind could change at any time and a flight could still be grounded if the Pilots see the need to.

Orange means the flight is on STAND-BY. The sun might be shining, but winds higher up on the sky could be too strong to operate safely. The Pilots are closely monitoring to see when the balloon can fly again. Please note that this could take a few hours or even last for the whole day. We encourage you to keep checking the widget.

As The Dubai Balloon At Atlantis operates at heights of up to 300m, the weather plays an integral role in when the attraction can be open and how high it can fly. A dedicated team of Pilots will monitor the weather at all times as your safety and security are our top priority. This means that there may be times when we will not be able to operate the balloon due to the weather conditions.

We know that this is an activity that you are looking forward to, and to avoid disappointment, we suggest checking this weather widget on the day of your experience. Our expert Pilots update the weather widget in real-time to give the most accurate reading and indicate a good time for you to join for your aerial adventure. Often, winds are stronger at higher altitudes while none are perceived on the ground. As per the local authorities and regulations, the Balloon will be grounded when there are thunderstorms or winds above 25 knots, even if it's a sunny day.

The Dubai Balloon Experiences

Each experience offers stunning views over the iconic Palm Jumeirah, the Dubai skyline and its record-breaking landmarks like the stunning Atlantis The RoyalBurj Al ArabBurj KhalifaAin Dubai, and many more. This aerial adventure is easy to fit in your itinerary and fun and safe for all ages, making it the ideal activity for family and friends.


Early bird catches the view! Watch as the sun rises over the Dubai skyline, and after the flight, get access to our lounge and receive a complimentary beverage and a 15% discount on all of our merchandise.


Marvel at the vibrant city of Dubai during a 10-minute flight and get ready to experience something like never before.


Save time as you get priority boarding for the flight. After taking in the breathtaking city views, enjoy a complimentary coffee, tea or juice.


Enjoy the privacy of a 10-minute flight as you have the whole balloon to yourself, this is ideal for a special occasion or celebration.

Your Memories Captured

Your Memories Captured

Enjoy the flight and experience. Leave the memories to us. At The Dubai Balloon, our professional photographers will ensure your moments are well captured and transformed into timeless memories.


Please check the weather forecast before visiting The Dubai Balloon

Welcome to The Dubai Balloon at Atlantis!

Please note that all balloon flights are weather dependent, and we can only fly in certain wind conditions. It might look sunny, but the winds could be strong at higher altitudes.

Please visit the “PLAN YOUR FLIGHT” page before visiting The Dubai Balloon to ensure the balloon will fly on your preferred date and time. We look forward to welcoming you!